“There are few if any places they feel safe.”

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I woke up last Sunday with two items on my list for the day: plant the plum trees my wife gave me as an anniversary present and write a post about privilege and the Stanford rape sentencing.  I opened my email as I was sipping my coffee and saw the headline: 50 Killed in Orlando Nightclub Shooting.  Every further detail I learned deepened my despair, from the fact that the LGBT community was the target and a high proportion of people of color were in attendance at Pulse  that night, to the revelation that the shooter was Muslim, which I feared would further fuel hateful rhetoric.

I felt a grief I couldn’t have anticipated welling inside of me.  I set my phone down, headed outside and spent the next four hours planting those trees and tending to my garden.  I never did write the post I intended to.  I didn’t want to venture into my head that day, even if to write about something else.  

That’s the pitfall of a blog intentionally designed to examine a topic after the immediate news cycle has passed–invariably, something else has taken its place.  Sometimes, that something else feels so all-consuming that it’s hard to make space in your head or your heart for anything else.  So, on to Orlando.

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