In the Wake

The back of my family home in Denham Springs, Louisiana. My dad, Bob Anderson, shot this photo from atop his kayak after waters began receding following record floods. The tin-roofed section at the back of the house is the screen porch that normally sits high off the ground overlooking a shallow pond.

Yesterday, I received the first photos of my family’s house in Denham Springs, Louisiana, and it’s moved me to reflect further on everything that has happened over the past week. Below is the story of what my family has endured. It is long, very long, because I wanted to capture what the day-by-day of this has been like, the little signs of progress and the many moments of heartache. Parts of it are repetitive of updates I’ve shared throughout the past week on Facebook, and my chronology may be off in spots where I’m mixing up the blur of these long days, but I wanted to put it all in one place, even if it’s a bit off topic from this blog’s typical theme.

I don’t share this to elicit sympathy or sad-face emojis or donations to my family (please donate instead to relief organizations that are working on the ground if you are inclined; I’ve suggested several at the end of this post.) I share this because the people of Louisiana are being ignored-the destruction they are facing, their immense suffering, and their incredibly resilient spirits-and others need to understand what is happening.

This is just one story, and we are lucky. There are tens of thousands more stories like this is Southern Louisiana right now, and most have seen much more devastation than my family.

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