The Language of Liberals

Photo Credit: Carolyn Tiry, “(Self) Censored”

In the two weeks since the election, we progressives have flown ourselves into a shitstorm of psychoanalysis, delving into the Democratic mind to try to dissect what went wrong and what we should do about it. Do we wear the safety pin or not? Do we call all Trump voters racists? Can we somehow pull off a nationwide book club discussion about “Hillbilly Elegy?”

We should be regrouping, contacting congressional representatives to oppose Trump’s horrifying cabinet and staff picks, and encouraging every damn voter in Louisiana to support Foster Campbell in his runoff election on Dec. 10. Instead, we are as caught up as ever in our performance as good progressives. And at the center of that performance is our language. Continue reading

Bodies in Motion

Photo by Sarah Anderson

As I look with the benefit of hindsight on the results of last week’s election, I see the way that progressive white people like me failed to pull our weight. Because we felt assured of the outcome, too many of us neglected to have the hard conversations with the people in our lives who needed to hear our perspectives.

People of color will suffer for our neglect. But, rather than write some think-piece about white guilt or voting demographics or the great divide between red and blue America, I wrote a poem. Lord have mercy, I wrote a poem. Continue reading