Showing Up

Credit: Twitter, Angela Peoples

As last Saturday’s marches unfolded across the country, I watched from the literal edge. My wife and I had committed to a weekend trip with some friends to the Pacific coast. I wanted to be multiple places at once, but I traveled to the ocean with the understanding that I would spend Saturday watching the marches, providing logistical support to any of my participating friends who needed help or information, and amplifying their voices by sharing their images and words on social media.

It was both powerful and unsatisfying. Powerful to be able to see from a distance what was happening in its totality across the country and around the world. Unsatisfying, obviously, in not physically being part of one of the marches.

I share that just to provide a bit of context for my own absence in the march.

What I really want to talk about is the role of white women in the march and in the movement we hope to sustain well beyond last weekend. Continue reading

Has it really only been a week?

Photo credit: Ted Eytan

This is the One Week After post I hoped I would never have to write: a week since President Trump was inaugurated.

To be honest, since the election, I have wondered what role a blog that is designed to be delayed and reflective can have in an environment that feels so urgent, that demands action every day. That question has only intensified for me in the week since the inauguration, as I have watched executive order after executive order tear at the fabric of what I most value about my country. Continue reading