Has it really only been a week?

Photo credit: Ted Eytan

This is the One Week After post I hoped I would never have to write: a week since President Trump was inaugurated.

To be honest, since the election, I have wondered what role a blog that is designed to be delayed and reflective can have in an environment that feels so urgent, that demands action every day. That question has only intensified for me in the week since the inauguration, as I have watched executive order after executive order tear at the fabric of what I most value about my country.

Much of my  bloviating, my internet yelling as Ijeoma Oluo dubbed her own online activism, has moved into the present tense and onto my personal Facebook page. I can’t wait a week to call out the racism and xenophobia that our White House now represents.

So what is the role of reflection right now? Like much with this new administration, I will have to figure it out as I go.

In reflecting on the week that has transpired, I feel discouraged. I feel overwhelmed. I feel infuriated. I feel ashamed of my country. I feel exhausted.

And that’s the point. The flurry of activity from the White House–attacks against immigrant and refugee rights, reproductive rights, the press, science, the arts, national parks, our environment–these are actions designed to enrage us to the point of despair and despondency. These are actions designed to scatter our resistance across an impossible number of fragmented fronts. These are actions designed to break us.

If the response evident on Saturday and continuing this week in my networks is any indication, we are meeting this moment with strength and resolve, with calls to our elected officials, and with encouragement for one another. But our victories are going to be few and far between, and they will often be unsatisfying, partial wins that just lessen the sting. Over time, that will wear many of us down.

There is much more at stake than what has been lost in this first week, and we will need to find the ways to sustain ourselves and one another in this movement.

We may not win, but we must continue to stand up against this destruction, if only to slow its progress.

How are you keeping yourself in the fight?

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