About One Week After

Our news and social media cycles move at a quick clip, turning from one headline to the next before we’ve had the chance to really digest what we just heard or read.  This shortchanges topics of all types, as we form opinions in the heat of the moment and then move on.  That is especially challenging with issues of race and racism in America, where reflection is crucial to deeper understanding.

One Week After is intended as a counter to the knee-jerk reactions so many of us resort to when news breaks.  From police brutality to student activism, this blog will tackle the topic of race in our country, but it will not be a source for the latest news or up-to-the-minute developments.  When news breaks, One Week After will watch how the story unfolds and consider what that means, posting reflections a week after the headlines have quieted and the news cycle has moved on.

About Me

My name is Sarah Anderson, and I am by no means an expert on issues of race or racial justice.  I am a white woman who grew up in the South, began my career in the Midwest and recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest with my wife.  I’m a former journalist now ensconced in the nonprofit world.  I am working to educate myself on race, oppression and privilege after years of staying silent on these issues, so I might not get it right on every try.  But I hope to learn both through the process of intentional reflection on the news unfolding all around us and through the ideas exchanged with readers (whoever you might be).

This is my personal blog.  The opinions and positions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

Header photo credit: Phil Roeder www.philroederphotographs.com

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